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Ingredion Launches Series of PRECISA™ CRISP Texturisers for Baked Snacks In Asia

News Date : 06/28/2017

The new toolbox of cost efficient texturisers enables manufacturers to create snacks that meet consumers’ preferences

SINGAPORE, JUNE 29, 2017 – Ingredion today announced four additions to its PRECISA™ Crisp line of texturisers for the Asia Pacific snack industry.

The PRECISA™ Crisp texturisers allow manufacturers to create baked snacks with enhanced textures, optimal expansion and reduced breakage to further enable the development of more localised snack options that provide an authentic, satisfying textural and eating experience.

The new series of texturisers offer differentiated functionality, providing manufacturers with a number of solutions to address varying formulation and process needs. In processing, the texturisers help create more cohesive dough that is easier to handle and sheet. The PRECISA™ Crisp series also widens the range of textures in snacks from delicate and melt-in-your-mouth to thick and crunchy, and allows developers to create differentiated snacks that addresses local tastes and preferences.

“By creating textures that appeal to more consumers, we can help manufacturers capitalise on the growing appetite for snacking and upcoming trends like ‘snackification’,” said Jorgen Kokke, Senior Vice President of Asia Pacific and President of EMEA. “The new series of PRECISA™ Crisp texturisers allows manufacturers to customise desired textures, from “soft” and “snapping” to “hard” and “shattering”.”

PRECISA™ Crisp texturisers can be used to formulate a variety of snacks like potato chips, crackers and biscuits. A variety of bases offer manufacturers different product functionalities that best fits their product and labelling requirements.

Ingredion offers a wide range of texturisers for snacks in Asia, giving manufacturers options to address both today’s process and label requirements and tomorrow’s trends, such as targeting snacking ‘moments’. To learn more about PRECISA™ Crisp texturisers or find out how Ingredion’s technical, sensory, CULINOLOGY® and applications teams help food processors develop tailor-made, high quality foods at a reduced cost, contact Ingredion at +65 6872 6006 or visit

Ingredion Launches Series of PRECISA™ CRISP Texturisers for Baked Snacks In Asia
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