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Bakery and snack expertise for Asia-Pacific manufacturers — Now on INSIDE IDEA LABS by Ingredion

News Date : 04/23/2020

The virtual bakery and snacks lab delivers insights and application expertise to manufacturers 24/7, serving as an extension of the global network of Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centres.

SINGAPORE, April 23, 2020 — After launching its beverage and dairy labs, Ingredion has now extended its virtual lab, INSIDE IDEA LABS™, to the bakery and snacks market in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. The platform gives food and beverage manufacturers 24/7 online access to essential information on bakery and snack applications. It is a one-stop repository of the collective knowledge developed across Ingredion’s brick-and-mortar labs around the world.

At the lab, visitors can find inspiring concepts and ideas, on-trend insights, ready-to-use formulations, science-based research, tools, tips and responses to frequently asked questions. The comprehensive resources cover key areas in bakery and snack development such as moisture management, texture enhancement and fibre fortification — all of which enable manufacturers to innovate and keep up with consumers’ evolving preferences. In recent years, APAC has seen an increase in demand for cakes with moist texture claims, and an increase in product launches for bakery and snack products with texture and fibre claims.1,2 Focusing on these key areas lets manufacturers address aspects such as ensuring long-term freshness in cakes, creating signature textures in snacks and baked goods, tackling specific consumer requirements or boosting the nutritional profile of their products.

Manufacturers will also learn how to troubleshoot challenges using Ingredion’s extensive portfolio of solutions for bakery and snack applications including specialty starches, texturisers, resistant starches and plant-based ingredients. With the right knowledge and convenience that this virtual lab provides, they will be able to get consumer-winning products out into the market at a faster speed. 

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Bakery and snack expertise for Asia-Pacific manufacturers — Now on INSIDE IDEA LABS by Ingredion
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