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Encapsulation 101: The latest science to deliver actives, colours and flavours

Encapsulated food ingredients are an integral part of food processing. In addition to preservation, colour and flavour enhancement, encapsulation also tackles food and beverage fortification challenges such as nutrient retention and overall sensory profile improvement, especially in cases where product flavours may be altered due to high levels of nutrients added.

Encapsulation is a process in which one or a mixture of ingredients becomes encased within a protective coating or glassy matrix, in order to achieve a specific function and/or to achieve a desired level of stability. Food manufacturers use it to overcome a range of technical challenges, and to achieve unique functional properties in foods. Manufacturers can take advantage of encapsulation science to protect reactive, sensitive, or volatile ingredients (such as flavours or essential nutrients) against extreme manufacturing or storage conditions, convert the ingredients into easier forms to handle during processing, and even modify the release and efficacy properties of the active ingredients. It is also possible to mask unpleasant odours and tastes that would otherwise undermine the taste of the final product.

Today’s consumers not only want something nutritious, they also want it to taste great and be affordable as well. To meet this demanding challenge, manufacturers can rely on the latest precision encapsulation materials to give them greater efficiencies through reduced ingredient and processing costs that do not compromise taste or stability. Whatever the requirement, Ingredion’s experts are at hand to give you the latest in encapsulation science.

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