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THE POWER OF STARCH: How to efficiently create high quality cheese products in Asia

The world’s love of cheese in its many different forms has flourished over thousands of years. Traditionally, the chief focus has been on its nutritional properties and taste, but in recent times, it has been discovered that texture is an equally important feature, if not central to the character and enjoyment of many types of cheeses, ranging from soft, creamy goat’s cheese to chewy mozzarella, and hard, grainy parmesan.

Processed and analogue cheese provides the opportunity for manufacturers to control the cost by circumventing the issue of price volatility of dairy-based ingredients. But to benefit from this, it is critical to maintain the product’s taste and sensory properties to retain consumer acceptance. Ingredion’s broad range of specialty starches designed for processed and analogue cheese, as well as our technical, sensory and Culinology capabilities.

This paper will provide the latest insights from Ingredion that will help you to select the best starches based on the functionality they provide for different types of processed and analogue cheese.


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