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FINDING THE SWEET SPOT IN SWEETNESS: The science behind successful sugar replacement

Sugar reduction is one of hottest agenda in food and beverage industry these days. Due to prevalence of obesity and type 2 diabetes, WHO recommends both adults and children to reduce intake of free sugars to less than 10% of total energy intake. Sugar tax over sugary drink is also another action to curb sugar intake by government in response to WHO guidance on NCD (non-communicable disease) risk reduction. Through all these health awareness promotion and policy, sugar reduction gains more attention from consumers.

While consumers are conscious about effects of sugar, most consumers are less willing to compromise their sensory experiences. International Food Information Council Foundation’s consumer study explains that consumers value taste and price, followed by healthfulness when making purchasing decision. Then, how can we successfully replace sugars by minimizing the disruption to their sensory experiences?

Finding the right level and type of sweetness to match the needs requires a complete understanding on what different sweeteners can achieve in various applications. Ingredion Idea labs™ provides expertise and new ways to create sweetener products based on customers’ requirement in taste, quality, affordability and regulatory with little or no change to existing process parameters and flow. The solutions can be developed for easy of application into the reformulation works which will shorten the development path. This is Sweetis™ - Ingredion’s customized sweetener solution. Download this white paper to learn more.

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