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Pack the right ingredients 


The growing demand for clean label products in the Asia Pacific region offers a powerful opportunity to make your foods and beverages the consumer’s preferred choice. When consumers look at your ingredients to decide whether or not to buy, having a clean and simple label with familiar ingredients listed helps make your product more appealing.


Ingredion’s proprietary consumer research[1] indicates that, in the Asia Pacific region:

• 73% of consumers decide to purchase based on the ingredient label

• 78% of consumers find it important that they recognise a product’s ingredients

• 77% of consumers say a short and simple ingredient list is important


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Our latest i2s brief provides you with detailed insights on the Asia Pacific region, helping to guide you to the choices that people prefer. You’ll quickly get a taste of how to create product formulations that win over consumers.


[1] Ingredion Proprietary Research, Global Clean Label Consumer Study, April 2017

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