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Create choices consumers trust—and buy

Creating foods and beverages that consumers will want to buy again and again does not have to be complicated. In fact, an ideal way to go about doing so is to speak more simply. Especially when it comes to labels.

Today’s consumers prefer ingredient lists that even a child can understand. When a product is made using common ingredients found in kitchen cupboards, it’s more appealing and more likely to go into the shopping cart. On the other hand, people feel less at ease if the name of an ingredient is unfamiliar or chemical-sounding, and consumers are increasingly suspicious of anything that sounds artificial.

The message is clear. Consumers are hungry for labels they understand and trust. The question is, how should manufacturers respond to this growing demand?

Capitalise on this growth opportunity with on-trend clean label solutions with us. Enjoy exclusive access to our proprietary market research and consumer insights and discover our comprehensive portfolio of clean label solutions.

Discover what consumers think of rice and tapioca texturisers

Achieve great textures with ingredients that consumers approve.

Pulse flours to differentiate your products

Use HOMECRAFT® pulse flours in your products to meet consumer demand for foods that address dietary and health needs.

As your partner, we’ll work with you to formulate exciting products that consumers trust and prefer. 

Discover the appeal of clean labels

Learn why consumers in Asia Pacific are paying attention to labels.

Consumers know what they want

Are you creating the right products?

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