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The mechanics of success

Satisfying textures are at the heart of almost every product, from the shatter of a crisp cracker to the luscious viscosity of a pudding. In order to improve these complicated and crucial qualities, our ingredient solutions often change the mechanical properties of foods and beverages. This means we have to understand and manipulate food at the microstructural level. Fortunately, we have the deep structural expertise and cutting-edge equipment for the job. Through mechanical testing and analysis, we can perfect the consistency of your potato chips and rice crackers. Through the science of rheology, focusing on the flow of soft materials, we can create smooth yoghurts, sauces and custards. And empowered by our knowledge of tribology, we can improve low viscosity liquids, like non-dairy beverages and soft drinks.

Our food science and structure expertise and technology help us focus on optimising only the most promising solutions for you—so you get the very best results, in a fraction of the time. Collaborate with us to create products that have signature textures to stand out in the market. We will even get you there more quickly.

The success of our food science relies on advanced microscopy techniques. By looking inside the microstructure of food, we are able to understand and manipulate texture, reaching solutions faster. Our pioneering facilities also include an automated rheology laboratory, the Texture Robotic Experimenter or T-REX™. Based in the Ingredion Idea Labs™ global centre in Bridgewater, United States, T-REX™ allows us to precisely screen texture systems up to 10 times faster than using traditional methods.

Perfecting formulations

Achieve perfect sweetness and texture in your products with DIAL-IN® Technology. 

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