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Versatile and easy to use.

HI-MAIZE® natural resistant starch is versatile and easy to use. Naturally white in appearance, neutral in taste and with a small particle size, HI-MAIZE® doesn’t change the taste or texture of the foods consumers love. In many recipes, HI-MAIZE® simply replaces some or all of the flour, delivering good texture and clean flavour.

On labels, HI-MAIZE® qualifies as total dietary fibre (official AOAC methods 985.29 and 991.43). Better still, HI-MAIZE® contains both insoluble fibre and resistant starch, two of the three types of dietary fibre consumers need. The resistant starch component can be measured by official AOAC test method 2002.02.

Here are five good reasons to add HI-MAIZE® to your foods or beverages:

  • Labelling benefits – health claim now available. Ask us about it.
  • Clean label – listed as ‘HI-MAIZE® starch’ or ‘corn starch’ on labels
  • Naturally gluten-free – an ideal way to boost fibre in a gluten-free diet
  • Gentle fibre – has no or minimal side effects, even when consumed in large quantities
  • Creates tempting textures in a range of foods including more crunch in cereals, better bite in noodles and crispy baked goods.

With a trend toward healthier eating and lifestyles continuing to gain ground globally, competition is high to attract consumer attention. Including HI-MAIZE® resistant starch in your foods or drinks helps you reach out to consumers with a number of strong labelling messages including an approved digestive health claim (in Australia and New Zealand).

Snacks or cereal bars with more crunch and more goodness? Easy. Soft white bread or wraps with just as much fibre as wholemeal? Done. A breakfast beverage with an on-pack digestive health message that doesn’t lead to regulatory questions? Issue avoided.

Work with us to develop concepts, scale-up consumer-winning recipes or strengthen your on-pack messages. Just ask us how.

Including the HI-MAIZE® logo on pack has been shown by many food companies to provide better differentiation, clearer communication of health messages and helps consumers easily spot the valuable health benefits.

Work with us to learn how HI-MAIZE® can open up a world of possibilities for your brands. We can show you how easy it is to incorporate HI-MAIZE® into your foods or drinks. Complete the form on the right and we will be in touch!

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HI-MAIZE® resistant starch

Made from a traditionally bred variety of corn, natural HI-MAIZE® invisibly adds fibre and resistant starch to a wide range of foods.
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Packed with health benefits

More than 350 published studies show the compelling health advantages of natural HI-MAIZE® resistant starch made from high amylose corn.
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