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Create indulgent, consumer-preferred drinking yoghurts

Use Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system for thick, creamy drinking yoghurt with a refreshing and smooth mouthfeel

Sensorial properties like mouthfeel, texture and visual appeal play a significant role in the perceived indulgence of a drinking yoghurt. These qualities may be compromised by the presence of protein in the formulation.

Meet consumers’ expectations of a desirable drinking yoghurt with the help of Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system. It overcomes formulation challenges and ensures protein stability throughout the product’s shelf life.

Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system reduces visual separation, provides viscosity and delivers a creamier mouthfeel. This helps manufacturers to support texture claims like “smooth” and “creamy”. The stabiliser system also gives a cleaner taste due to clean flavour release, adding to the overall sensory appeal of the drinking yoghurt.


Create refreshing & smooth mouthfeel

Boost the indulgence of drinking yoghurt.

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