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Satisfy demand for nutritious, delicious foods with HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours

Our range of HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours are made from faba bean, chickpea, lentil or pea. Containing around twice as much protein as cereal grains, these pulse-based flours provide a way for manufacturers to meet the continuing trend for nutritious, protein-enriched food products. Naturally gluten-free, the flours offer a healthy alternative to traditional and other gluten-free flours, enabling the development of highly nutritious, gluten-free bakery products.  

Produce food products that are highly nutritious, protein-fortified and gluten-free

Suitable for a broad range of bakery products including snacks, bread, cakes, and cereals and pasta, HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours can help you create exciting new products such as gluten-free crackers or breads and add “source of protein” claims to your product packaging.

Tap into the expertise of our in-house chefs and food technologists to help you develop delicious new foods that will delight your customers.

Sustainably sourced, Ingredion’s wide range of pulse flours and protein concentrates are suitable for a variety of applications from bakery products, snacks and cereals, pasta, batters and breadings to meat substitutes.

  • NUTRITIOUS - highly nutritious, protein-rich plant protein
  • CLEAN LABEL - additive free
  • GLUTEN-FREE - free from gluten
  • NON-GMO - free from GMO’s

Pulse flours to differentiate your products

Use HOMECRAFT® pulse flours in your products to meet consumer demand for foods that address dietary and health needs.

Everything you always wanted to know about pulse flours and proteins

Differentiate products with on-trend nutritional claims.

Clean-taste Pulses

Clean-taste pulse proteins and pulse-based flours impart a neutral flavor and are ideal for applications that require a delicate balance of flavors.

Increase protein in batters

Explore VITESSENCE™ Pulse proteins.

International year of pulses

New research highlights huge potential with products enriched with pulse ingredients.

Keep it clean and simple

Explore our clean label starches and flours to find the just-right match for your products.

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