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Better Biomaterials

When it comes to innovative ingredients, Ingredion offers nature-based ingredients and functional additives for a wide range of industries. We leverage our polymer technology platforms to meet your specific needs. Modified starches, polyols, dextrins, liquids, as well as renewable and cost effective biopolymer solutions to meet long-term sustainability needs. These are all part of our solutions toolbox. Whether you are manufacturing semi-durable or durable plastics, formulated polymers and industrial emulsions, construction compounds, or fabric and home care products, we are here to help.

Nature-based biopolymers

Our nature-based biopolymers produce a wide range of thickening and rheological profiles compared with other bio-gums or hydrocolloids, helping you achieve the  film properties your product requires.

  • Replace polyethylene and polypropylene in bioplastics for injection, blown film and blown molding applications
  • Avoid synthetic additives in laundry detergents and fabric conditioners with our nature-based polymer encapsulants
  • Use as a lubricant for gloves and condoms, instead of silica


Did you know?

Biomaterials also increase the level of bio-based content in your products, reducing the amount of  non-renewable waste sent to landfills.

Biomaterial solutions

Unlock unique functionality with biopolymers. 

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