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Give your personal care products the natural touch with our FARMAL® family of solutions. Appeal to the functional as well as their senses.

Advantages of FARMAL®

  • Renewable sources
  • Biodegradable
  • Ethically tested
  • Made from plants
  • Enable ‘natural’ and ‘clean’ label claims

Functional benefits of FARMAL®

  • Anti-cracking, better foaming to enhance sensory feel - used in bar soaps
  • Reduce shine and tack in lotions
  • Provide soft, silky, dry feel on skin - used in moisturisers
  • Fragrance carrier - powder products
  • Organic material, allergy free - Topical products
  • Oil, moisture and odor absorbency - bath salts

Clean up your labels

Keep labels clean and consumers happy with our specialty ingredients. 

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